Love makes us real.
Hello there! I see you've found my little ol' blog. My name is Mimma, and I'm a twenty one year old college student living in California with plans to pursue an MD/PhD. I sing and play piano, trumpet, and trombone. Also I'm a bit of a geek.

I post things that I find intriguing, odd, silly, disturbing, cute, in questionable taste, or just plain make me laugh.

I enjoy funny and dramatic TV shows (Walking Dead, Hannibal, Supernatural, Dexter, 30 Rock, Gravity Falls, Bob's Burgers), Broadway musicals, cartoons, animation, drawing, writing, voice acting, playing video games, consuming lots of sweets, and acting far too immature for my age.

I reblog art and sometimes post my own stupid stuff so watch out!

a few things I drew for my boyfriend’s birthday card~ it’s us as ponies! EES NICE

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Just a few doodles that sprang from a pen I happened to be holding in the wee hours of the morning

First pic is eye practice, second is a sketch on a napkin for my bf’s b-day pic (sshhh!), and third is us as ponies… (still working on the size… he’s actually not that much taller than me)


I’ve been reluctantly roped into this fandom

But they are just too damn cute

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#my little pony #mlp #doodles #why do i insist on sketching with pen it is honestly the worst habit