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Hello there! I see you've found my little ol' blog. My name is Mimma, and I'm a twenty one year old college student living in California with plans to pursue an MD/PhD. I sing and play piano, trumpet, and trombone. Also I'm a bit of a geek.

I post things that I find intriguing, odd, silly, disturbing, cute, in questionable taste, or just plain make me laugh.

I enjoy funny and dramatic TV shows (Walking Dead, Hannibal, Supernatural, Dexter, 30 Rock, Gravity Falls, Bob's Burgers), Broadway musicals, cartoons, animation, drawing, writing, voice acting, playing video games, consuming lots of sweets, and acting far too immature for my age.

I reblog art and sometimes post my own stupid stuff so watch out!

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"If you don’t end up smiling while you are kissing someone, you are probably kissing the wrong person."
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"number your carbons"
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"I am a feminist. I’ve been female for a long time now. I’d be stupid not to be on my own side."
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Sutro Forest by (phudson1442)
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i’m just going to leave this here

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I’ve been growing some little sunflowers lately and I love watching how they bloom. 


I’ve been growing some little sunflowers lately and I love watching how they bloom. 


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"bisexual? you mean you’re experimenting?"

*kicks test tubes and alien hybrid under a desk* “um no what do you mean”

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invader zim is 13 years old today. invader zim is old enough to have an invader zim phase

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Fitness magazines don’t help us get fit. Gazing at images of caricatured breasts, buttocks and biceps gives you the impression this is how a fit body should look, that every fit body needs to be shaped in the same vein. Fitness magazines use exactly these images to “inspire” women to look this way. Yet most of us can’t identify with what we are looking at because we don’t believe ordinary us could ever be them. 

[…] What are we teaching our young women who want desperately to believe that they too can be as ripped and shredded? They don’t realize what it takes to look so tight. They want to be there and harm themselves to reach an almost unattainable ideal. When will it be acceptable to lift heavy, building confidence and brainpower while strengthening your body, not concerning yourself with how cute your bottom looks in booty shorts?

[…] Being fit in a functional rather than sexual way means you are entirely capable of being powerful no matter what your height, bust size, shoe size or hair color. You are empowered from the depths of your DNA because you did the work, you earned your place and you walk confidently because of it. A functionally fit You welcomes all sizes, shapes and colors, your boobs and butt are incidental. What we really need to build in the gym is a sense of self and what we are capable of.

!!! But add boys/men


We’re talking about women right now. 

Or we can talk about everybody because there’s an unrealistic expectation for men as well as women

A word to everyone who reblogs posts with responses like the above:

If you actually cared about men’s issues, you wouldn’t tack them on as an afterthought to a woman’s conversation: You’d instead be actively engaging in dialogues that explore the nuances of men’s problems in society. You wouldn’t simply wait until a woman is speaking and then shout “Yeah, men too!” You’d talk about these things independently and give men the attention that they deserve as individuals, instead of waiting for a woman to do the work, shouldering her aside and then insisting that men be given a spot on the stage too. 

If you actually cared about women’s issues, you wouldn’t demand that they give up their space. You’d recognize that conversations by women and about women are perfectly valid. When a woman is talking about her personal experiences and the way social pressures have affected her life, you wouldn’t allow her to be interrupted or derailed. You wouldn’t actively talk over her or steal away attention, focusing on issues that are outside of her point, until the conversation drifts so far away that you aren’t even discussing women anymore. 

So both now and in the future, my answer here is going to remain the same: Can we talk about everyone?


We’re still talking about women right now. 

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The level.

i’m very angry and very impressed



The level.

i’m very angry and very impressed

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